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Building Foundations Solutions

SFS Groundworks is an experienced provider of building foundation services for commercial and residential projects in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. With over 20 years of experience building foundations across various projects, we offer first-class solutions at cost-effective prices.

Our building foundations are suitable for a broad range of construction projects, from smaller home renovations to larger property developments. We have access to a diverse range of machinery that allows us to develop bespoke building foundations tailored to your project requirements.

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Bespoke Building Foundations

SFS Groundworks is an expert in residential and commercial building foundations. We have two decades of experience delivering bespoke building foundations for various projects, including private properties and commercial developments.

Foundations are a crucial component of any construction project. They ensure that the building has enough support while being robust enough to stand the test of time. If not done correctly, building foundations can compromise the entire structural integrity of a building.

As a leading provider of building foundations in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, we have the expertise to deliver tailormade solutions for each client. We build foundations to the highest industry standards, following all necessary regulations to ensure full compliance.

Our team always deliver the highest workmanship for every project, completing building foundations on time and within budget. We cover all types of commercial and residential foundations, including:

Strip Foundations – Strip foundations are shallow foundations offer lasting support for load-bearing walls on low and medium-rise residential properties.

Raft Foundations – Raft building foundations limit ground pressure by spreading the weight across a larger surface area using reinforced concrete slabs.

Trench Fill Foundations – Trench fill foundations use concrete for quick and effective building foundations with minimal exactions.

Pile Foundations – Pile foundations use large steel or concrete pillars to support and stabilise structures, typically in sites with weak soil conditions.

Bulk Excavation for Building Foundations

SFS Groundworks also provides affordable bulk excavation services in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.

Our fleet of diggers, excavators, and dumpers isn't just perfect for building foundations but also for bulk excavation. As a result, we can help our clients handle the waste management of their building foundations, removing soil, stones, and other materials from your site.

Bulk excavation of waste from building foundations helps streamline your project, saving time and resources disposing of materials yourself. Our versatile groundworks machinery handles all aspects of foundation preparation and bulk exaction, letting you focus on other aspects of your project.

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Building Foundation Services in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey

SFS Groundworks offers flexible building foundation preparation services throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and surrounding areas. Our team are available for commercial and domestic projects of all sizes throughout the South East of England, including:

  • Maidstone
  • Sevenoaks
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Tonbridge
  • Orpington
  • Bromley

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